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  • PU-5

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Technical parameters:

Control panel PU-5, assy.3765 (a.k.a 3520) 

This control panel is suitable with all PLANAR air heaters 12V and 24V.

“Power mode”
(If the external sensor is not connected)
  • Designed for quickest possible heating of the space;
  • The heater operates continuously at a set power.
** “Temperature mode” 
(If the external sensor
is connected) 
  • Designed to heat the space to the required temperature;
  • Heat output decreases as the difference between the desired temperature and the temperature in the space decreases.
* “Ventilation mode”
  • Designed for air circulation in the space.
 ** “Ventilation during 
heating” - function
(If the external sensor
is connected)
  • Designed to maintain the required temperature in the space;
  • After the required temperature is reached, the space heating is stopped and space air circulation is performed;
  • Controls the space temperature; if the temperature drops below the set point, the heater will start in Ventilation mode.